Brand Board: Modern, Elegant + Clean

Instead of doing more lessons on the basics and boring everyone to death, I figured I’d play devil’s advocate and show off what comes to mind when different looks are thrown out (at least to my brain anyway!)

This week, I started with a very crisp, cool, modern but still feminine and pretty style, using bits of Hollywood Regency, high Victorian fashion, and clean, straight forward typography. In doing this I’d like to really explain how visual elements- especially when it comes to compiling inspiration for a brand, can at this stage, REALLY be treated like puzzle pieces; ie, absolutely interchangeable. When laid out this way, a photograph of a dapper man dressed to the nines in his tails and gloves, totally works with the quirky style of the wedding invite- because that is referencing 19th century posters.

See that, folks? It’s all cyclical.

What I  love about this  particular look is that the pattern and ultra-luxe elegance of the 1940′s softens the masculine severity of the typography without weakening it. The contrast of the interior is just as high as both the typography + style in the photograph, and when combined with the french repeating pattern, has all of the femininity it needs to have a wonderful sense of balance. How does this all come back to the example of the logo? The clean and widely set sans serif serves as a base for the logotype of the C and W. Looping the interior cross lines of the W forms a comforting and tight little space for the C to call home; typographically ‘softening’ the angular shape of the letter, and the hard edged shape of the “FLOORS”.

I hope this helped explain why visual inspiration is so important, and hopefully showcase that no matter what it is being displayed, a happy medium can almost always be meshed together.

Until next time!


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