Indecision midprocess

Indecision is a terrible demon to come across, especially when it comes to defining something as important as branding yourself and your dream of a successful business.
Personally, I find branding myself a bit like going through an identity crisis. I can hardly make my mind up, and try to exhaust all of my options- only to be ‘vision logged’ and overwhelmed by too many choices. How can you possibly win?

There’s a few ways I like to separate myself from the thing being decided- a good rule of thumb I love to follow- Think really hard about whatever the choice is to be made. Exhaust your brain, flesh out every option, all of the scenarios, lose yourself in thought and seek constant inspiration.

Then forget it.

Go outside, play. Eat italian ice. Dance down the street to an amazing mixtape your friend made you; whatever the case may be. The point of the exercise being you replace the energy with something that refills you with happiness and relaxation. When you are no longer pressured to make a decision, the right choice will present itself without force.

So, let’s say you’re beyond this in the process, and you’re faced between some awesome color palette options, a really interesting typographic solution, whatever. What on earth do you do NOW? AH. Rework the separation strategy: step back, squint, stare, contemplate. Or you could always take it off of the screen and bring it to the tactile.

I recently suggested to a client faced with the same problem (side note: I personally love giving a client this dilemma, thank you very much!) I told her to print out the sheet of iterations, cut them out and stare at them like separate cards. This way she’d be making a more realistic choice in regards to how she planned to use her logo, via business cards, blog, etc.

There are tons of problem solving ways I’ve learned along my wonky way to figure out how to make a decision, but the most important thing I could every convey to someone with this issue is to strive the absolute hardest to just be true to whatever the self actually wants. It may sound corny, but it truly doesn’t matter, as long as the person who cares so passionately is happy. When a person portrays themselves in an honest and happy way, people seem to gravitate towards them.

Sounds simple huh? It really is.

Just go with my “Why not?” philosophy. Orange and teal together? sure, why not? Baroque french with industrial typography? Why NOT?

Now go forth! Make your choices with confidence, however silly they may sound first coming out of your mouths.


Until next time!


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