The perils of color choices!

One of my favorite stories told to me about my childhood involves my first introduction to finger paint. Apparently, as soon as I realized my hand could make color smears, I was using everything I’ve got, (face, torso and frilly dress included) to make the paint streak across the large 2–year–old–jenny-sized pad.

I feel like the same holds true for today!

While I may be more socially gracious to not throw paint on top of my outfit, I absolutely dress in loud, bright colors. My well-loved fluorescent orange converse, peacock blue sateen pumps and collection (really, I have more than one) of chartreuse articles can attest to it all. I am a vibrant person and I color myself vibrantly because of this.

For those who aren’t as comfortable in the wonderfully subjective world of color, there are really great palette makers, and color-association breakdowns that explain it so clearly and helpfully!

A few of my favorites are:

I hope that however you choose to visually represent yourself, branding or otherwise, you can at least have fun with it. It’s just color!

Until next time!


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