Some tasty brand inspiration!

I love making these brand boards, I’ve gotten tons of compliments on how beautiful they look (why, thank you!) but mostly on how much it helps people understand branding from a different perspective.

This week I wanted to showcase how different a brand can become by it’s surrounding elements.

The logo, a DELICIOUS clean and vintage feeling typographic mark, was sent over from a client for their inspiration. And while I will never blow the lid off of some freshly collected client inspiration, I thought to recombine it with other elements to create something totally unexpected, and very different from what the client is wanting. Logos and brands like the this one are so strong that they really can be combined with almost any other visual direction and still work. I’m sure if I really wanted to, I could pair this with some hand drawn doodles + other soft pretty things, but I chose to focus on the strength in the typography and work in some lush patterns featured both in the woman’s headscarf and graphic overlays, that are simply repeated in a different way in the quatrefoil pattern.  Texture, color, pattern and mood are all working together to push a specific tone that isn’t necessarily present in the logo per se- but when combined with these other elements  become a cohesive and beautiful brand.

Until next time!


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