The pro’s and con’s of customized + templated brands

Rebranding takes effort. Figuring out who you are, your work, the type of market your in– ugh and color palettes? On top of handling an already bloated schedule with work, side projects- oh and also maybe a LIFE? Yeah. Oh Yeah. I get it completely.  As much as I love to individually talk to and work with clients to create spectacular brands, tailored specially for them, I definitely understand the need for templated approaches. Sometimes you just need something NOW. No muss, no fuss, and buying a theme, plugging in content and throwing it up on the web just SIGHS margaritas-at-the-beach. And for this purpose, it’s splendiforous! However, once you get into a groove of owning whatever style/bride/format you’ve carved out for yourself, it’s time to start planning for some customization.

Getting a huge branding package right off the bat is okay for some. If you’ve got the resources, the inspiration,  why not go for it? I’ll never dash someone’s design dreams, but I do find that those who’ve been in business for a few years with an already established design (custom or template) will know better questions to ask, results to expect, and be better acquainted with a sticky process called decision making with visual choices– at least to some degree.

So which is better?

I think they can both be used to your advantage. If you find yourself getting more stressed than excited when it comes to a rebrand- go for a template. Get something done and up there quicker vs PERFECTION, and then plan for the glory that will be your customized brand. It’s always better to relieve the stress with an easier fix than pressure yourself to death with making it perfect straight out of the gate. While branding may take some thought and some elbow grease, the results always speak loud & clear– and really, isn’t that true with almost anything? That is something worth doing, should be done well!

Until next time!


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