Using Pinterest for inspiration

Let me be the first to announce how much the addition to pinterest has EXPONENTIALLY helped our inspiration and overall branding process. Holy Banana, Folks. Pinterest, you are amazing! If you aren’t already face first in the most fabulous and random selection of images ever on the internet, let’s discuss:

Pinterest. Get on it.

Set aside some swoony time… and then rescue your productivity because it is beyond addicting. I only allow pinterest time via phone, you know, to keep me occupied while my boyfriend does the dishes.

It’s what we call a “balanced relationship”.

That being said, I’ve definitely noticed a wonderful trend when clients come to me with a pinterest account set up. Already comfortable flicking through thousands of  images to find ones that really sing to them, and all without the impossibly debilitating feeling of pressure to get it PERFECT.

Showing a designer even a huge collection of seemingly random images and talking through them will undoubtedly reveal the necessary juicy tidbits that we need– in a way, pinterest is a glorious short cut to the right answers.  Covering everything from typography, to sayings and meanings, color palettes, textures, pattern, tone, everything. Can I encapsulate that enough? EVERYTHING!

It seems that since people aren’t forced to look through specific designed pieces, for instance 30 pages of logos, they’re free to explore all possibilities of everything and anything a logo COULD be– bringing more room for exploration and creativity, instead of just rehashing trend after trend.

If you’re thinking about signing up with us for a rebrand, a blog design, or even just taking stock of your current brand, I say start working on a new board (because I know you have Pinterest. You have internet don’t you??) even just to begin to loosely touch on ideas that you like. Keeping a running tab of inspiration will help show your growth, continually documenting your process (and progress!) while you carve out your vision. And before you know it, you’ll have pinned your way to an amazing, inspiring, and totally unique place- which is the perfect starting point in creating a brand.

Until next time!


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