Branding the brand designer

For someone who goes on and on about the power of recognizable branding, let me just admit that I’ve branded/rebranded my site, logo, everything-else-I’ve-got-going-on at least once a year since I first realized I had to, starting in 2006. I was (ok, am) obsessed with making everything PERFECT; perfectly representing me, my current work, my DREAM work, perfectly appealing to all ends of design agencies and individuals, you know.. totally realistic.

It always felt like an exercise in frustration and futility, and it completely was. I didn’t build any recognition for myself (how could I? I always changed it!) and while I easily could have chalked all of this changeability as a weakness, I managed to flip that into an overlooked strength.

Like most designers, I’m both curious and fickle about visual styles with equal measure. Typefaces, visual treatments, and guilty-pleasure trends come and go, and I want to get my hands dirty with all of it! Until inevitably I get bored with it. Right.

I needed to figure out a way to speak to my love of curiosity, my overall noncommittal-design-sluttiness (yeah alright, I went there), while showcasing a level of versatility that I find very appealing. (Who wants to always do the same niche look? Great for whoever does, but it’s just not for me.) My solution was to use crops of my favorite personal pieces/experiments AS my brand. Originally using a few pieces, it’s now spread into a constantly revolving selection of styles. I’m aiming to speak to as many differences in style, taste and needs as I am about who I am as a designer in general.

As long as I’m communicating how I love to speak through my work, to help others communicate through THEIR work, I’d say it’s exactly what I need.

What do you think? Are some more successful than others?

p.s. … could you imagine only working with people who just agreed with you? Can we say STAGNANT!

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