stepping the game

Lately my inspiration for visual-just for fun-design time has been lacking. Doldrum levels of seriously lacking, and that just doesn’t jive with me. No sir, I don’t like it.

Since I also don’t enjoy complaining without putting a solution into place, I’ve come up with a way to (hopefully) force myself out of this yucky rut: weekly, random, typography experiments.

My friend Eva (who you can find here) agreed to participate in this quest of inspiration renewal, and so we’ll be starting this week! We both thought it was smart to post before we even started; making it IMPOSSIBLE for us to flake out. on ourselves. moving on.

The plan works like this: we choose our quote/thought/ideas/what have yous on Sunday,  sharing process throughout the week, and calling it finished on Saturday. The point is random, fun creativity for creativity’s sake.  I’m really excited to start something like this, hopefully it’ll kickstart me back into free thinking fluid magical land again. I cannot wait!

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