type experiment week 1 // process

I had a super productive morning of signing new freelance contracts, sending off juicylicious invoices (!!!!) and wonderful correspondence, and zilcho design work-o in front of me! And this is why my personal projects exist. I wanted to post my first really DECENT stage of process with this weekly type experiment thing– I am in LOVE with it. Can you be this much in love with something and not be crazy? Oh whatever, I love it.

It resulted from a happy accident when I pasted some of the typography I’d been noodling into a fledgling collage/illustration I’d been working on.

I tweaked the size a bit, but I just loved how the type broke up the symmetry in this composition. I’m using the arts+crafts/art nouveau-esque flowers for placeholders– I think I have to draw in some wilting ones on the left hand side, but that can wait for now.  Tuesday, my dear, you have been amazing!

One thought on “type experiment week 1 // process

  1. I like how the colours make the women look like they are having a stand-off. Or maybe one will pull the other through the looking-glass. I love the big fat ‘NEW’ best of all. x

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