ooh la la!! jne gets married!

I really never was the type of girl who daydreams about the wedding.  Dresses and seat planning and all of that? Not really my thing. Even after working pretty much exclusively with wedding related vendors for 3 years.

But then I got engaged (!!!!!)

Now I’m thrown into a crazy wide world of endless decisions. As a designer I absolutely relish this; color palettes, typography, pattern, and in the end– how it looks when jne gets MARRIED? oh visual heaven! Of course the urge to make everything myself is beating down my door every day. Which brings me to my issue: calligraphy.

In this whole wedding situation, invitations/wedding stationery is pretty much the starting point that will be carried throughout the whole shebang. Being the typography dork that I am, I am simply too in love with too many styles to really know right off the bat what’s right for us. I’ve started making some boards to collect my thoughts and narrow it down, and hopefully using the same organization I use for my clients, make sense of all of the awesome prettiness that can be had.

I just love these samples of calligraphy most of all. The liner curves of the Betsy Dunlap sample are so luscious, and I love how expressive her lines are, just probably too messy for me.

I love the mixture of the printed vs the calligraphic in the other samples, gives it a great sense of variety while still feeling cohesive.

I can’t wait to get into playing around with this stuff!

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