type experiment 3: calligraphy

This week has gone by so fast! I feel like I just skipped Tuesday and Wednesday and landed in Thursday.

And boy what a Thursday it was!

I finally had a chance to speak with the career advisor from my beloved undergrad, Ringling School of Art + Design, and that 40 minute phone call changed. my. life.

Apparently I am short selling myself and need to restructure my resume, how I think about my role in design, and the whole lot of it. He  (the lovely Charles Kovacs) instructed me on how to market my skills better to show off how awesome sauce (an industry term) I am professionally. It was an incredible phone call, and I am so grateful for going to a college that can provide this much assistance post graduation. It’s been a crazy road these past 5 years, and it really does feel like I’m just getting started— even though when I WAS first starting out, every day felt like a forever. Ah time.

Anyway! Back to this week!



Here’s a snippet of the latest type treatment experiment. I’m going with one of my favorites,  Stefan Sagmeister. Him and his practical Austrianisms really do brighten my mood. I just love this installation he did with pennies over in Amsterdam:

There’s a lot of different styles I could play around with- and I feel like I’m entertaining the start of a few of them in here.. so hopefully by Saturday I make up my mind.

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