Whew! Is it really only thursday?

This week felt like two weeks smooshed into one. I’m just now wrapping up an 11 hour day chock full of Kubrick, writing and designing, and I feel totally invigorated. Switching up my schedule based on the different types of tasks, and paying attention to when I enjoy doing those tasks has completely paid off! I cannot believe how productive I can be when I switch things around.

While my cup spilleth over with all of this awesomeness, I am SO excited to start partnering up with fledgling start ups to help them realize their dream! I realized a long time ago that the more people you help, with just the expectations of helping them, great things abound. It’s going to be great watching where these relationships go. What can I say, I’m a huge lover of cultivation and growth, in all its forms!

Some snippets of the greatness this week has included thus far:

This sassy sneak peek of an amazing brand I started (AND FINISHED!) in two weeks. Sometimes I even make myself say “how the hell did you do that?”

This. It’s so challenging to work when THIS is staring at you.. look at all that fluffy fatness. Gets me everytime.

This little guy is meant for a concept brand for a pet store/doggy day care I’m working on. A series of different dog breeds to be illustrated, and then clothing/accessories to adorn them! Somebody’s gonna LOVE it!

This new fabulous fashiony blog created for this adorable boutique shop in NYC. I am so excited to show this client what I’ve been noodling, but she’ll have to wait.. I have more ideas to work on for her, of course!

I super hope next week is as exciting as this week was/continues to be. I know they all can’t be this active, but I love the high energy, positivity of staying productive. The flow is addicting, and if this is what I’m addicted to I will totally take it.

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