Personal mantra: Shit will always buff out

What can I say, this week has been challenging to say the absolute least. While last week was a whirlwind of craziness, this week held but one type of crazy: information/debit card theft.

Thank you to whoever it was that felt the need to spend money at an Indiana Radio Shack. I can only hope whatever phone, electronic device, remote control operated helicopter or battery operated Hess truck was totally worth it.

Meanwhile I took it as a sign to finally typeset (calligraphize? can that be a thing?) one of my favorite sayings. Passed down to me from a college roommate, Shit will buff out has been something I’ve said (allright, yelled) in times of stress & crises since I’ve heard it. It’s amazing, and definitely makes me feel more calm during those situations I cannot control.


3 thoughts on “Personal mantra: Shit will always buff out

    1. I cannot wait for Monday. I never thought I’d say that before a friday, but I’ve got a feeling Monday’s GOT to be better! enjoy the weekend!

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