This week in random!

This was week two of a new transition, and while it was definitely less strenuous as last week, it still brought a friday that required me to completely unplug. And by friday, I mean friday plus saturday, but I needed it 100%. Having my fiancé as my project manager may sound like a completely ridiculous & bizarre arrangement, but it really works for us. Having my fiancé as my project manager, while he also has a full time job is a bit trickier. Throw on the never ending philosophical wonderland that is the Kubrick project, and we’ve got our work set out for us for MONTHS(years). oh right, and we’re in love and “planning a wedding” (read: not really planning a wedding). I suppose I’m allowed to completely unplug now again, once I read it all in black and white.

This week also brought a really interesting string of great news in the terms of client projects. As varied as they get, I’d say.  I worked on illustrations, site designs, marketing plans and a brochure that I actually think is kinda cool, along with writing more articles for SitePoint,  mapping out the character of  Wendy Torrance, designing a catalogue-esque pricelist, and, and, and. Getting used to really cranking it out feels so good, I just want to find the balance sooner rather than later so it’s not 90% 4 days a week and 35% the other 3. I want it all, what can I say.

1) The Oscars and the use of Archer sparked a great article on typography & appropriate use (published on SitePoint).

2) Marketing strategy & brochure designed for a stand up comedienne’s new corporate-focused workshop.

3) Chevron pattern & watercolor treatment for (wonderful) lifestyle photographer, Ari Moshayedi.

4) Bay Horse illustration for a client.

5) Watercolor illustration for Ari Moshayedi.

6) Endless notes and intellectual considerations for The Shining. 2 hours a day, every day.

7. A sexy html5 site design for previous branding client.

8) Clean & classic pricelist design for a previous branding client.

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