the (beautifully) lingering weekend

This weekend was completely brilliant. Not in the way you’d expect: we woke on Saturday morning to loud bangs and thuds, complete with shrill screams that made me shoot straight up in bed.  The consensus was either our upstairs neighbors were moving, or fighting.. and then eventually moving. This sounded like a fight out of the Old Testament.

Nope. Turns out they were just filming. Two hours after the initial shock of noise, we heard “QUIET ON THE SET”, and all we could do was laugh! Peeking out the window was a boom and some lights set up, it’s the real deal. Surreal Los Angeles at its best.

Even though it was hectic and incredibly disruptive, it was an experience only LA could offer. and I guess it’s really been recently that I’ve wanted to call LA home.

Sunday we ventured out to one of our favorite spots in the city, the Descanso Gardens. JUST LOVELY. Going on a late afternoon, I figured we’d be around more people than usual, and we were, but it was just as nice. This is the lingering weekend I’m holding on to while Monday sludges on until 11:30 this evening.  I guess I make sure to get everything to the last drop of each day I can.

(I’m making an effort to be more positive these days)

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