Hennessey + Ingalls, my new LA haven

I love bookstores. Especially bookstores that showcase and endless supply of awesome in the design, art, architecture, and happy foods categories.

Whenever I would get a new assignment through Ringling (okay whatever, you already know I’m a dork), and especially when the semester was over, I would plop myself right in front of the design section and pour over every book I could. Soak it all in, and then go off to practice what I new inspiration I had freshly acquired.

On a recent excursion through our neighborhood, Jake and I wandered around to find Space 15 twenty. An adorable/hip (a really fine tuned mixture of the two) enclave filled with Urban Outfitters, a Free People store and an Umami Burger (that’s the hip side), but it also has this amazing. design. and architecture. bookstore.

Hennessey + Ingalls is swoon city, people. If you’re in the LA/Hollywood area, check it out. it’s amazing. I think I found my new favorite little spot (for the moment anyway)

Aren’t those images amazing! The Echo of the Futures book cover is just so luscious. You can’t go wrong with Elizabeth Taylor and italic typography. You just can’t.
I was totally loving on some bold patterning on this day wasn’t I? From the gold multi pattern bands to that outrageous blue and striped NOT A TOY cover!  I am also in love with this New African Fashion cover. Love her outfit, love her pose, and her expression. It’s so jubilant and expressive. Continuing on the love train, that Mozza cover. That type treatment has been so appealing to me lately, I’ve been seeing it pop up in a few other places as well… Perhaps a trend is brewing. Oh and you know, more pattern in the domino + design sponge books. I also love the teal + red combination together– it’ll always remind me of an old friend from college.

What books are you drawn to in bookstores?

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