Mt. Everest & Entrepreneurs

I stumbled on this video nugget of true inspiration on a day where I especially needed it. I love running a design shop from my home office.  I really love incorporating writing, and analysis right along with my #1 occupation cream dream supreme; aka design. The ability to communicate across all channels is a truly fulfilling experience; but it’s been a hard road getting here. Don’t get me wrong, it’s still a steep climb (no pun intended), but when you’re more focused on your course, the road gets easier to weather.

Entrepreneur Philip James talks about the life lessons he gained by quitting his job at MerrilLynch, to fulfill a dream of climbing Mt. Everest, and it’s incredibly inspiring in its own right– but what I really took away from the video was that having unshakeable perseverance to your own instincts will pay off if you just commit to it, and continue follow through with it.

It’s a life lesson I know especially well, but I whole heartedly appreciated his perspective and experience that helped shaped how he ran his future business. As we go through experiences that will inevitably shape and mold us into who we are meant to be, we can never see that transition mid-process. But it’s always so breathtaking to look back and see what has helped bring us to where we are now.

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