Inspiration: The Kubrick Project’s Imagery

This project has been an interesting ever-evolving challenge. Finally coming up to the stage where I need to start thinking about displaying the large batches of info, I now have to think about tons of other stuff. Wonderful stuff like how do I want to represent the visual aspect of this film in a way that helps people see the symbolic/connotative context, rather than just a still from a movie? You know, light thinking.

The best answer I’ve come up with is illustration. While the reference I have is a craptacular 72dpi screen shot, I’ve been collecting some pretty choice inspiration for the style I want to go for. I’m waffling between two distinct looks.. There’s something so wonderful about the Norman Rockwell style that speaks to the darkness of the family dynamic (do not even get me started), but I also love the wild expressive paintstrokes/color application to explore all of the thick emotional/psychological stuff (oy vey).  I’ll have to noodle around and see what works out best, and I don’t even know if doing multiple styles would be good/bad/too much work/who even cares at this point??

I’ve been staring at the screen shots of The Shining for so long that I have come across shots that I am so enamored with. Even stripped of meaning, some of the compositions, when viewed like paintings, are just gorgeous.  Kubrick definitely created movies so that he could make images, and I cannot wait to explore a more expressive way to communicate the densely layered information. I love that 4 years into this project, I still think another aspect– a NEW aspect on top of all of the other aspects– will be so much fun to work with.

Some of the tastiness:

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