This Weekend in Awesome

This weekend was awesome. It was so awesome that I was still riding the fantastic weekend high fully through Monday. By the time today came, I was exhausted and I knew that the awesome train had left, only to come back fully stocked by Saturday.

This weekend contained The Renegade Craft Fair  on Saturday, and the always amazing Melrose Trading Post on Sunday- wow. The randomness. The crazy awesome randomness.

Renegade Craft Fair:

We ran into an old friend from college @ the RCF! Felicia Koloc who runs Let’s Be Friends. Check out her blog here. Turns out she’s making adorable monster/animal friends and touring the country. It’s a righteous career path, and I can’t wait to see more of her– because I know that time is a-comin! Check her out because she’s also running a letterpress shop! You can’t really get much cooler than that now can you? I submit that you could not.

Melrose Trading Post:

This place always has the greatest treasures (and garbage) but I love it all. Especially old typewriters, vintage photographs, old prints, and so, so so so so many hipsters. It feels endless, spans in all directions, and I’d get there early so you can park for free. But it’s definitely worth it, and will take an hour or two to really soak in all of the eclectic stashed craziness thats involved.

I had to remember to take my phone out and snap pictures instead of just oohing and ahhing over every inch and direction of these two fun places, but I’m glad I did. I wonder where all the other wonderful tributes to random there are hidden in this city. I could only imagine. It’s Los Angeles after all.

Check out this amazing typography on the side of some lofts in Chinatown. Walking to the train (I really love the LA subway system when you want to go in the direction it’ll take you) I snapped this up. Love this typography even if it is a trend.

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