A Hard Return

I don’t know what it is but coming home after a wonderful vacation, I always seem to need another vacation. This last week we spent a few days in San Diego so that Jake could finally meet my mom. We definitely needed the break, and I now know how much better I feel at the ocean, but things definitely took a while to settle down. It’s been an incredibly busy few days since Saturday–and we all know that if it’s a day I can work, it’s a day I will work.

I was finally sitting down to upload some of the gorgeous images I managed to snap over the mini-vaca.Seeing them made me want to take pause and remember just how peaceful I felt when I took the photo, hopefully I can remember what that feels like even in the midst of client and life craziness. I suppose I finally understand the meaning of the idea behind “the happy place”. I submit that the Sunset Cliffs is definitely one of mine.

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