Inspiration Refresh

I’ll be honest, I don’t always think to use all of the resources available to me when I truly need them. I either don’t realize that they’re around, forget about them entirely, or just shrug it off with a list of excuses. This go around, I got sacked with a huge case of the humdrums. Lordy loo did I ever!

I was bored. With everything.

Not people, of course not people– that’s the best entertainment there is (and I don’t mean reality shows, I mean actual reality, aka life) I mean visually. When it came to my usual rounds of design blogs and email subscriptions of trends and happy things, I felt like I had seen it all before. And then, a spark of an accident hit me right in the face. I was fumbling around on my iphone (clue No.1 I was entrenched in boredville), and I hit my own Pinterest profile by accident. Narcissistic as it may sound, I really enjoyed digging through old treasures I had stashed months ago. I realized I had been searching far too outward, when I had already collected inspiring juicy-just–dying-to-be-discovered things, untouched and waiting. I decided to make an inspiration board out of that; for myself. It’s definitely the visual pick-me-up I’ve been needing.

Speaking of Pinterest, follow me and enjoy all of the fantastic bursts of visual loveliness I can get my hands on

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