Awesome Free Fonts That Are Actually AWESOME?

Yes. I know.

Especially coming from art school, where the walls push out snobs faster than they’re able to produce pretentious performance pieces on the state of media in our society today (yawn).

But I am telling you I have uncovered a sweet, juicy treasure trove of resourcey goodness.

Head on over to Lost Type, and then stay there for a seriously long time. It’s a co-op of type designers donating their skills so that the designers can benefit from amazing talent. I mean really, I can’t think of few things more important to support. Plus their fonts are superb.

Font Squirrel is another great resource for decent free fonts. These aren’t as designer-y as others (I’d actually consider this a midpoint between dafont and lost type), it still has some great ones in there. Just gotta dig– hey do you think that’s why they called it Font Squirrel? moving on..

I also found a huge resource list compiled over at DesignrFix. Definitely worth scoping out!

Even though my font addiction is alive and while, it’s sites like these (and resource snooping habits that I’ll never kick) that help me keep it thriving. Taking time out to just snatch up a few tasty typefaces can keep your brain constantly working to see what you can use them for. I know I’ve got so many fonts in my arsenal just waiting to be used for stuff, and a lot of them end up in personal projects just to use them. Collect resources on rainy days, and you’ll never have to look around for new toys to play with!

*image courtesy of Lost Type

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