This Week in Awesome: Girl….CLEAN That Desktop!

In an effort of hopefully coming to that ‘oh so important’ step of admitting that you have a problem:

I have a painfully disorganized desktop. Although I believe you’d agree virtual  hoarder would probably be more accurate. Lately I’ve been battling a serious case of fatigue, and strangely enough because I’m under 90 years old, joint problems. I’m blaming it on the heat, and what my drag queen primary care physician calls totally normal, but it’s so ridiculously difficult to work through.

I think I found what I’ll start with though: this redonkulous collection of everything from the past 2 months. I know I’ll be uncovering some treasures!

(like this:

and this!)

After shot:

So serene!


2 thoughts on “This Week in Awesome: Girl….CLEAN That Desktop!

  1. I read that headline as RuPaul saying it. Which I loved.

    I like to make my desktop something very visually appealing (Christian Bale) then I am inspired to keep it clean so I can enjoy my selected image.

    1. Haha! So you read it correctly! Yes, my Ru Paul voice is in full approval mode.

      I too like to keep something on my desktop that looks visually inspiring.. right now I’ve got that gorgeous image of the San Diego water that I’ve been oogling 🙂

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