Walking Miss Lady Violet

A couple of weeks ago Jake and I made friends with a neighbor we always saw walking her adorable black lab. Now that Jake and I are actively working to get a friendly bundle of puppy of our own in the soon-ish future, I thought a great way to ease into that transition would be to walk Violet (the black lab) while Rachel (the loveliest of neighbors) was at work.

Little did I realize how this small amount of effort would create such a huge positive impact! I mean, from my perspective it’s a no-brainer. I work from home with a really graciously flexible schedule. I just pop in the elevator, hit the 3rd floor and I am half way done with my journey. But for Violet? It must feel like heaven. I remember being stuck without any transportation living in my mother’s house not so long ago, and so I treat the sweetheart to a nice stroll around our neighborhood– to get us both out of the house for a bit. It’s an excellent break in the day for me, and I know I’m doing something that helps out my neighbor as well. When Jake and I actually do get our fluff pile, we’ll already have a friend for them to play with, and it just seems like the best way to carve out some space for a new addition in your life.

I also can’t help but feel extra joy in the fact that Rachel tells me all the time how happy Violet is now that we’ve started walking her. I didn’t even take that into consideration, but I very much appreciate it now. I love how a small amount of kindness can do such large amazing things for everyone involved, and I will always work to incorporate small bits of it across my life, however I can. It makes everything that much better.

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