Impromptu Calligraphy Time, Or, Dealing with Boredom

I will be the first to admit that this week is an intense one! It’s only Wednesday, and normally I’d be cheering the remainder of the week  happily– but this week? I want to cash my chips in, call it a great effort, and start over. Or at least schedule a prolonged hibernation to garner some more strength for the upcoming one.

I wanted to trash all of that stress and focus on something inspiring and just pure visual fun. Usually that means noodling some calligraphy!

Today I’m showing off a great quote by Truman Capote that really changed the way I saw my past bumps along the road. No matter how difficult to maneuver through at the time, challenges are always opportunities for growth. Now that I’m happily past all of those bumps, I can appreciate how they’ve helped me become the person I am now, and I wouldn’t want to change a THING! Stress, AT&T Customer Service woes (ugh) and all.

After I finished finessing the details, I still wanted to DO something– I mean I am aiming to be Queen of all Productivity after all. I decided to just stick with the superficial and just calligraphize my acknowledgement to my boredom. Sometimes just saying to yourself “I get it, now move the eff on” can really help jar you out of your funk. Works for me anyway!

How do you work through your bouts of boredom?

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