The most beautiful flowers come from Silver Lake Farms

I’ve blogged about the Hollywood Farmer’s Market before, as it is one of my most favorite things about Hollywood, and there are so so many things to love about Hollywood, but my most favorite thing about the Hollywood Farmer’s Market has to be the flowers from Silver Lake Farms. This past weekend, Jake splurged on some doting (long overdue, I tell you!) and the   owner of Silver Lake Farms, Tara, (pronounced tar-a, and not tare-a, bye the bye)  crafted a bouquet for us that is still blowing me away a few days later.

Look at it in our beautiful wood stein, on the same shelf with my beloved Mucha card set. Such loveliness!

What always gets me about her flowers is how INTERESTING they are. These aren’t your run of the mill daisies and roses! Although don’t get me wrong, I’m sure she has those.. but she also has strange, quirky things that I’ve never seen, and look far more foreign than they are! These yellow and purple flowers here were from INDIANA even though all I could picture were giant rain forests, where someone with a machete sliced it from one of those carnivorous bird eating plants. Nope. Just Indiana. Where flowers look like Jim Henson-imagined muppetized brains.  The delicate draping flower is called As Love Lays Bleeding. That’s pretty intense. Reminds me of those ultra outrageous southern gothic styled romances. All I can think of is Louisiana Goodness.

I really loved observing Tara and Stacy pull different flowers from their selection to craft the best bouquet. I handed her some money, and I said go! It’s my belief that you garner the greatest results from allowing the passionate-creative person to go with their gut, free reign and all. Seeing her become so enveloped in a world of composition, color, scale and shape was one activity that resonated with me, and I know we will be venturing out to their farm to inquire about their wedding services.

I already get a great feeling with the possibility of working with her, I would be in extremely capable, warm, honest and creative hands. If you’re in the Los Angeles area, you should absolutely give her a call. There are flower shops every where, but I’ve only seen one with artistry like this.


Give her a ring at 323.644.3700, or shoot them an email, . I know they’d love to hear from you!

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