Versatility vs. Consistency In Style

I was flipping through some inspiration sites I know and love when I came across a piece of work I instantly recognized. Not from someone I know, and not because I had seen the piece before, but because it came from an artist/illustrator I’ve been a fan of for a super long time. I’m talking when I was learning Photoshop super long time. That makes this interest about 13 years old, and counting.

He’s refined his look throughout the years, but he hasn’t strayed far from his course. I thought it was interesting that while I like to try on new styles like they’re articles of clothing, this particular artist (and many others, I’m sure) find that developing their own particular style, and sticking with it. That’s what works for them.

I’m not even sure what’s better, and I imagine that what works for one person might not work for all, or even the next person down the line, but that’s what makes the creative industry so interesting to me. Even in a group called ‘the creative industry’, we’re still all so individual and unique.

At this stage in the game, I don’t even think I could stick with one style if I was paid to. I mean I probably WOULD for the gig, but on my own time I’d still be experimenting with different visual effects and treatments.

Continuously exploring different techniques and styles is how I keep myself staying inspired and creatively juiced! Besides, when I’m bored I force myself to do something I already know how to do, in the most banal fashion.

Do you find yourself drawn to one particular style that you see yourself taking your entire life to perfect? Or are you more of a style-jumper? Finding joy in the creation of new techniques and styles, never really wanting to be ‘tied down’?

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