Fonts and their personalities

The other day I got an offer to get a coupon through my email. Really? A coupon? Through your email? blah blah blah, Wow Jenny. Why are you blogging about this?

Psh, BECAUSE since I no longer read the words, and instead just shrewdly judge the typography/font/what have you, I just instantly read the coupon copy in the voice of one of my dear friends, a lovely but boisterous French Canadian.

The thing about typography, and really all artists/creative people, is that they intrinsically contain their own special voice and way of expressing that voice. Kubrick’s got an aesthetic, I’ve got an aesthetic– or at least an ethical understanding that my aesthetic should be versatile, but this coupon’s aesthetic? Totally Karina. And it’s nothing but the Bauhaus-esque font that does it! It’s so her– and I believe she used it in 80% of the projects I ever saw her make through out college, but so what? It’s modern, clean, but still playful and fun. There’s no snobbishness, just warm authority. Which again, since none of you probably know– Totally Karina.

“We specially selected this coupon just-a for you-ah, eh? Enjoy-eh!” I mean I know YOU can’t really hear it the way I can, but that’s all I can do but keep from smiling!

The power of connecting emotion and personality to a typeface, or visual style, is an ability I would recommend anyone passionate about typography or design truly cultivate. For me, it was an accidental silly past-time that used my natural god-given scarily accurate memory and my emotional sensitivity for the people around me; and now it’s just something that happens.

I can’t turn it off, and it’s goofy as all get out when I forget where I am and just read typography in the voice I deem appropriate, but that doesn’t bother me one bit. I love recognizing people’s personal aesthetic through their visual choices, and I uber love recognizing people’s quirks and personalities through the typefaces that they choose to express themselves. It’s like tiny gifts to my heart, through glyphs on a keyboard. What’s better than that?

*This post dedicated to my lovely and fabulous friend Karina. You rock, eh?

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