Savoring Reality: Great Things Take Time!

I just spent 2 hours writing one email to a creative developer over my hopes and dreams for the interactive experience I’ve spent 5 years mentally planning. I’m swimming in an ocean of possibility, dreaming, considering, giggling, and exhausted. Focusing that intently on something I care SO much about, takes too much out of me than I care to admit.

In an effort to be completely honest: I want to be effortlessly perfect, straight out of the gate, continuously, ad infinitum. Forever and onward, I want everything I am in contact with to be centered in perfection.

You can see how well I succeed in this. Oh it’s a splendid reality I live in. The one where I’m a glowing bastion of grace, ease, and perfection. Perpetually. That totally happens.

Now and again, when I vacation to the real world, I have to be reminded that actual perfection takes work; constant, tenacious, diligence to this cause. Not an end goal, but an ideal to work towards. I accept this compromise into my life, and all is well with my worlds; The One That’s Real and The One Where Unicorns And Mermaids Are Real.

My latest crusade? The Kubrick Project. Well, that and my perfectly crafted coiffure thanks to velcro rollers.

I want– NO. I NEED. I need my baby, My KUBRICK PROJECT, to be perfect. Concise, easily understood, totally demographically spanning and accessible brilliance. Yes, that is the future I see fit for this.

This mindset results in Jake and my daily Kubricking time is spent in an intense 2 hour debate over a minute and 35 seconds of film. If only I were exaggerating, I might be able to forgive myself this uber-Scandanivian sadistic punishment I enlist for myself on the strenuous regular. But nay, I’ve already spent this long with Kubrick and his incessant craziness for layered messaging. I can make sure I’ve massaged out every last nugget of intrigue. How can I be able to truly explain something, without fully understanding? How could I even begin to describe how his storytelling techniques work, when I don’t fully digest them myself? Call me insane, intense, a purist, a slave-driver, whatever you’d like. I’m on the pursuit, my interest is piqued to maximum Kubrick-iness, and I am in it to win it. You’d be hard pressed to get me to settle for anything less at this point. So you might as well just ready yourself.

I may take my time to deliver the greatest product I can produce, but at least you know it’ll be damn good.

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