The wondermous effects of grattitappiness

On leaving my friend’s house last weekend, a feeling of such full warm lightness came over me that I needed to invent a new word just to describe it to people who aren’t myself. Grattitappiness. That’s right, say it with me now: Gratt-i-tappiness.

It’s a sassy mix of gratitude and happiness, and for anyone who knows how miserable misery can get, the fact that I was so full of both of those qualities is truly a gift.

It absolutely came with the ability to drive someplace in Los Angeles, without my GPS or a panic induced meltdown, the maneuvering through the douchebaggery that is LA traffic, and of course when you add the entire six hour long gush fest that was girl time that Saturday, things just kind of align to send you to a blissful place.

It’s now Thursday, well into a week that’s a healthy mix of weird, sluggish, erratic, and everything all up in the air, and I can honestly say I’m sitting here, struck with the same amazing feeling of happiness/grattitude.

Just to name a few happy blips along the way:

Nailed a new assignment with an amazing new partnership that I cannot wait to nurture further

I’ve got tons of warm exchanges with family and friends that just brighten my day all over the place

Current client projects coming along wonderfully in a balanced way

and all is well in my world.

Sometimes you just have to stop, take a deep breath, and experience that grattitappiness. I know I’ll be doing it more and more, it makes such a nice difference in everything I do.

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