The Untapped Hipster Market: The Ironic Client

I’m sure by now the hipster thing is played out. I mean, I definitely do not consider myself a hipster, I’m far too forward thinking and positive about my overall well-being and attitude on life, but I do share their love of the postmodern and ironic; some might even call it a penchant for  the pretentious snark. (Now THOSE people would be hipsters)

I submit to you, Design Industry, The Ironic Client!

Let me explain:

Clients within a specific industry (like say, oh I don’t know, debt collection for the media profession) blatantly disregarding the rules and standards of said industry (like paying your bill).

What’s that? You need a more concrete example? Why, I’ve got one right here!

What about the President of a Debt Collection Agency, that works solely to defend the rights of the creative media industry, not paying his design invoice for 9+ months.


This, my friends, is what I would like to refer to as The Ironic Client.

Welcome to the wide world of ridiculous where someone who makes a living chasing after errant clients that refuse to pay their design invoices, hounded by a designer himself  for his refusal to pay for his design services! The irony. The sweet, succulent, oh so fresh I can’t believe it’s really reality Irony. No Arrested Development Ron Howard Narration for me! Just the resounding carousel of all the questions I have. I would say my absolutely favorites round out a nice collection of, “How can a President of a company not make a living wage appropriate enough to take care of his responsibilities?” and my all time favorite, “How can you claim to represent an entire industry that you yourself cannot even validate within your personal activities and behaviors?”

You know, the light-hearted intellectual jaunty tunes that make you gleam of hope and prosperity for all of humanity.

The Ironic Client. Really glad to have met you. Really. 

Perhaps something you might not know about the creative/media industries is that regardless of whether or not the client uses the work, the person creating that work still gets paid. It’s time and energy spent whether the client uses it, likes it, ruins it, or has it redesigned by someone else!

Unlike the debt collection system, where the debt collector only receives money unless a payment is actually recuperated from the third-party (or, the original errant client). When the errant client IS the debt collector, it’s a whole other ball game. They all know all the tricks, and boy do they use them.

This client timed his avoidance so skillfully, I now have no legal recourse to pursue him, as he pushed me off until his company became defunct. A handy loophole indeed!

I suppose there’s really no harm in chalking it up to yet another loss in the taxes. This year has been quite interesting in terms of losses (to say the ABSOLUTE LEAST). I suppose I don’t need yet another example of how witty and awesome I am, but it does irk me to know that this particular client– president of a business aiming to protect those in the same industry I am– does not consider my work worthwhile enough to value with payment. Plain and simple.

It’s been enough time, and I’ve politely given him many chances to work out payments with me, but I’m not going to continue to keep silent about it. Not when there’s valuable resources I can use to defend myself.

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