The 3% Conference: A First Ever Conference For Female Creative Directors

It’s situations and opportunities similar to the one I’m about to gush about that make me really grateful for my curious and opinionated aspects of my personality.

Allow me to explain:

A few months ago, a friend of mine who’s studying/working in London, introduced me to this pretty amazing female-based design collective called Graphic BirdWatching. It’s an amazing network of designers, illustrators, and really all sorts of creatives, and GBW simply provides the platform.

From the site: “BirdWatching is a socially driven, international organisation and the only one of its kind. Its list of contributors includes practicing graphic designers that are passionate about design and live and work around the world. Our common aim is to connect, support and promote women in graphic design everywhere. We do this through concrete actions such as initiating dialogue, curating showcases and arranging participatory activities. We organise talks and events, highlight role models and reveal mentors, scout for new talent worldwide and create opportunities for collaboration, knowledge-transfers and recognition.”

After spending just 3 minutes on this site, I approached them to be a part of it in any way I could. Fast forward to today, and now I am a guest writer!

If that wasn’t already pretty wonderful, I now have the incredible opportunity to be a part of something equally amazing and wonderful. Ladies and gentleman, please welcome to the stage, The 3% ConferenceĀ 

It’s a conference that pulls together the top women creative directors (all 3% of them) and leaders in the industry, to talk about why there aren’t enough strong women leaders in the industry. Oh my lord, did I jumped at this chance. I think I was the only bird in the group that did, but that doesn’t bother me one bit.

Not only do I get to attend this ground-breaking conference for free, as press (an honor that was not lost on my self esteem), but I also get the opportunity to interview the founder of said conference. It’s a rare chance to really get in goods as the beginnings start to take root within an industry I am so passionate about. I’d like to think we live in a gender neutral world, and when I am reminded that we don’t, it’s a great wonderful thing that I can turn around and know that I have a wealth of trust worthy, hard working, extremely talented and intelligent women to work, and all towards the same goal.

The 3% Conference is being held in San Francisco on 9/27, and it features some real heavy hitters in advertising– some of the names I even recognize from my time spent in NYC, so I know it’s going to be good.

It’s about time we addressed this very real issue present in our industry, and I am so grateful to just be able to witness it, document it, and hopefully be able to move forward to a more gender neutral based creative industry.

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