Portraits of Experience, Process

It’s been a week since the 3% conference, and while I’ve got some things written down, I’m not really ready to post it yet. What I am ready to post is a sneak peek of some tastylicious process on this new personal project I’ve been working on. It deals with my experiences in 2008 with a focus on New York City, working in an Advertising Agency,  losing some of the most important people in my life, and the additional PTSD I walked away with because of it all.

It was an extremely difficult year, and while I know what it took to overcome these experiences, I’m happy what’s coming out of them is a very satisfying personal endeavor.  Jake wanted me to wait to post them until I had more, but I just love this one so much I had to share.

I haven’t named it, but it deals with the reality of being a ‘bad fit’. The image is actually ‘constructed’ from 10 different images of women during the Civil War (more on that choice when I show more pieces). It’s a strange conundrum: knowing yourself to be a certain way, but being treated and perceived as if you were the opposite.  If you’ve never experienced how ostracizing an ill-fitting job can be, consider yourself ruthlessly blessed.

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