Process: Capote’s “Failure” Calligraphy

This quote has resonated with me more and more as the weeks go on. While success is what we all strive for, the failures and challenges we encounter along the way only contribute to how amazing it feels to finally reach the top, or at least a top-ish point. It’s been one year since I’ve said goodbye to one of my longest friendships in my life, almost a year since I left a full time working relationship (that was neither working or healthy), and I am more successful and happy than I’ve ever been. Back then was far more difficult than now, but I know that I wouldn’t be nearly as grateful without the struggle. I just know me.

This calligraphy is poised to be a poster, which I’m actually considering getting printed. You know, to inspire me about staying positive about whatever bs I’m going through at the moment. Which means it’s time to get serious.

I though to look at texture, but I’m not really sure which direction to go into. Even ol’ Iron Fist Ambrose gets struck with indecision now and again.

So I started experimenting with shading, which I really am liking. Maybe I’ll continue on, adding highlights and some deeper shadows and leave it at that? We will have to see..

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