Process continued: The Great Sloughing

October, you’ve been a languid doozy if ever I knew one. I wasn’t sure ‘languid doozy’ was even a plausible idea, but I’m apparently living the dream.

While I definitely cannot complain about the client work happily chugging along, or finishing one of the most spectacular logo projects I’ve ever touched, it has been full, but it’s been awesome.

I finally had some time to work on some more portraits of experiences from my time in NYC in 2008, and I really wanted to post some process on it. I mean, can I gain some accountability on the situation for crying out loud?

I’d always referred to this period as ‘The Great Sloughing’, as it was genuinely one of the most exasperatingly frustrating times of my life, so it only seems natural to label it what it is.  It was a 12 month long stretch where I lost far more than I ever gained- except for the lessons learned years after, of course.

I’m really enjoying the challenge of coming up with 10-12. I know I definitely knocked out some of the big honkers that had been nagging at me; the loss of a dear friend, the loss of another close friendship, alienation from within an entire creative department, and a desperate plea to let this all freakin go.

I’m posting these in chronological order of each occurrence, but not in the order they were created. I think that’ll string along far more interestingly.

Here’s the title:

The type I’m not so sure on whatsoever, but I like the flow of color.

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