Susanna Spies: A bright & energetic pro-bono project

I usually don’t post brochures or e-mail blasts/newsletter designs that I’ve created, maybe it’s just a fear that nobody really cares for those things in a designer’s arsenal. Same goes with t-shirts and stickers. People know we can make them, but really do they care?

Until recently, I’d say no, but I really do love the style I created for stand up comedienne turned corporate executive coach, Susanna Spies. That’s “speees”, not spies. Way back in March, Susanna came to me needing some help creating a fun but professional approach to some marketing materials, and within a few meetings we had something that really worked perfectly.

Thanks to her sheer strength and determination (along with my spiffy brochures, no doubt), she’s booked some gigs and wanted to show off her other venture, Comedy Playground– which is an improv group for kids that she runs out of the Los Angeles Improv. I had to send her up with some fancy schmancy brochures to match the other ones, and while I only had 2 days to make something awesome, it came out pretty stellar– and Susanna completely agreed!

I had a super fun time creating these brochures for Susanna, and I love knowing that my talents make such an impact in her life. In this way, pro-bono work is a great way for me to give back to my friends and community, making things just that much nicer all around.

Brochure 1: From Bored to Board Room

Strategy, Concept, Copywriting, Creative Direction & Design

Brochure 2: Comedy Playground

Creative Direction & Design

2 thoughts on “Susanna Spies: A bright & energetic pro-bono project

  1. These are great… and continue to share. I like the warm colours and lines/shape. Gives a nice softness to the work without it looking babyish. I am doing a little graphic design and am always interested in seeing other people’s work.

    1. Wow, Thanks Dina! I appreciate your kind words 🙂
      This one was definitely interesting b/c she needed something that spoke to her positivity and upbeat energy, but also something that created a professional warm space to help her with her new venture. I really love using abstract shapes, lines and color to convey emotion– it can be extremely successful, so I rely on it when there is little visual direction to start from 🙂

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