Sweet Gig! Wedding chalk lettering

Last week a client I worked with referred someone to me who needed the chalkboards in her wedding photos reworked. I don’t know about you, but I love little surprise blips of a gig like these. Keeps things interesting, and a change in pace never hurt anyone.

I thought I would show the original images, the post-photoshopping process, and then the finished lettering.  The client (named Lori) was over the moon about the finished product and I do love helping out people with the neat things I can do with my Wacom pen, such a win/win.

Oh and these gorgeous photos are all courtesy of the loveliest of lovelies, Kate Harrison

It’s cute, but Lori wanted something ba-BAM enough to get her on some wedding blogs. I know I can definitely relate to this plight, Kate’s already set her up with some gorgeous photos, so I just had to do some photoshop ninja mastery. I have to admit, I don’t always enjoy the nitty gritty of production work, but sometimes getting your pixels dirty with the clone stamp can be a very rewarding experience. Don’t know what it is, but I love me some clone stamp some days!

Here’s a shot of the board de-worded:

I always take extra OCD-level care when retouching things, I want it to look exactly as it is– just sans chalking. All the imperfections, watermarks, smudge/wipe marks speak to it’s actually being a physical reality-based chalk board, and I’d  hate to lose that to overworking it!

I also wanted to show the untreated lettering, straight from Illustrator. For this all I do is work (and rework) my brush tool. I loved playing around with the layout of those ingredients! this one is my favorite, just didn’t fit the actual chalk space.

After getting the lettering just right, the final stages of texturizing were really (really REALLY) easy. Interestingly enough, the transparency layer effect ‘dissolve’ worked wonders on creating the spotty chalk texture, and fooling around with some other masking techniques really sealed the deal. The only challenge was getting some of the perspective of the chalkboards, but even that was kind of fun figuring out. I do like variety with my problems, what can I say.

Here are the other images, before and afters for your perusal. Although I only got to see 6 of the images, I know the rest of them have to be ridiculously adorable. How can they not be? Kate’s an amazing photographer, Lori’s CLEARLY got some great taste, and there’s some Jenny lettering thrown in for good measure. All of these things add up to one wedding blog worthy fun time, wouldn’t you agree?

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