A lovely Christmas

Photo on 2012-12-25 at 09.20 #4

Nothing makes you feel richer than counting the things in your life that money cannot buy.

2012 brought amazing things to our life. It can be difficult to pin down an entire year when you’re aiming to take full stock, but 2012 can easily be summed up as ridiculously positive. Yeah, we’ve had our skirmishes with errant debt collectors, Australian design blogs, and the usual handful, but we’ve also had some gloriousness. We got engaged, both of our cats have spent an entire year sans vet assistance, and even brought in a fuzzy new face into the mix. 2012 was the year my sweet little family truly began to take form.

Never to be outdone, 2012 saw some incredible career shifts as well. It was the first year Jake and I began really focusing our efforts in not just a romantic partnership, but a business venture as well. We picked up a healthy handful of new clients, like a juice bar, a film production company, and welcomed back some returned ones as well. We’ll be sending this year off in style as we schedule future design projects that goes well into April 2013!

The rest of the year will be spent enjoying our time together, relaxing, cooking and gearing up for an amazing new years eve celebration at the luxuriously opulent art deco-stravaganza that is The Cicada Club.

2013, Here’s looking at you kid!

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