New Years are my JAM.


I love the new years resolution; there’s something so refreshing about the intention of bettering yourself.  I love it so much I begin to consider what it should be on Thanksgiving, and by December 1, I usually have a pretty solid idea. I like to start it on December 1 so that by January 1 it’s already a habit. Yeah, I really get into the new years resolution thing.

A couple of years ago, my resolution was the standard “quit smoking and get healthy”. It had to be a one-two punch combo because I knew I needed to swap cigarette with “healthy activity”. Well that healthy activity turned out to be Kundalini yoga, and it’s been 2 years of no cigarettes and tons of breath of fire (it’s a Kundalini yoga thing). I had problems with anxiety, stomach/digestive issues (thanks to said anxiety), and a habit of not sleeping because I was too excited/interested about everything.  There was no balance to any of this; I felt as if I were the living, breathing, definition of unsustainable.

Flash forward to today and I’ve got almost every video from the Ana Brett/ Ravi Singh series. (The other two discs are coming, and I hear they’re working on a new one! Yay!!) I now bring in a different yoga series from Maya Fiennes, but the Kundalini sect of yoga has really stuck with me.

I’m not going to sit here and say all of the yoga-y things that they say that makes a difference, because I’m not entirely sure about that. What I am sure of though is how much better my creative process has gotten since practicing regularly. I’m up to 5-7 days a week, and at the sake of sounding completely insane, it feels as if an invisible hand has grown out of my head that now makes my luscious artwork. The steps between what I imagine and what is realized through the majesty of Adobe software is so synchronized it’s becoming eerie. I am so grateful for the teachers and practitioners that bring this awesome yoga, because it really has made a tremendous difference in my life. I’m pretty sure all of my friends have heard the “YOU JUST GOTTA DO THIS YOGA” schpiel individually at least 5x in the past 2 years. It’s that amazing.

Now that I’ve kicked smoking, dropped 30+ lbs, tackled those nasty anxieties, and have found an amazing sense of peace through creating, I’m sort of scrambling for a new years resolution that will top what Kundalini has brought into my life. Maybe it can be something baking related? Giving my yoga practice something extra to work towards.. or maybe, just maybe, I’ll make this new years resolution the year of my marriage. That really sounds about right for 2013.

What are you setting out to resolve this year?


*the image is a my favorite (but basically illegible) iteration of my 2013 card. typography is pure poetry, guys. 

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