Feeling the love


Its only two weeks into the new year and already the amount of awesomeness that has unfurled has me wanting to grasp the universe in my arms and hug it for as long as I can.

Seriously. That great.

First there was the amazing feature of Kate Harrison’s beautiful wedding photography (and my awesome lettering) on Style Me Pretty, then there was a pretty amazing boosh off with a new ginger graphic designer/friend, then I started and finished an adorable set of valentine’s day cards for a return client, made some interesting plans for the spring, and even had time to sign a new client whose inspiration I’ll be blogging about later. Incredible.

Of course not every day/week/month can feel like this, but when it does, all I want to do is tap dance along the street and belt it along Ethel Merman because for me, everything really is coming up roses.

*I made this lovely collage a couple of years ago while crashing at mi madre’s. While looking for the perfect image, I found this. It really resonated with me that the gratitude I’m experiencing now stems from the hopefulness that helped make this piece. 

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