For the love of random: pro bono awesomeness for The Groundless Shakespeare Company

I few months back I offered up my crafty design services pro-bono to a friend of Jake’s. He’s an actor here in LA (no, really?) and needed some flyers advertising this pretty awesome/silly theater troupe he’s a part of.

They’re called “The Groundless Shakespeare Company”. See the thing is they rehearse a William Shakespeare play individually, without practicing as a group, and then meet up at the designated time and place to perform. Hilarity, randomness, and plenty of ridiculousity ensues, and I felt the need to capture all of that in the form of a flyer.

Usually I’m a pretty serious-minded designer, I also dabble in the beautiful lusciousness of design, but silly is not something I usually play around with.

At least outside of my Adobe Bridge folder, of course.

There’s this folder I’ve been savoring since college. A folder I downloaded from a ridiculous professor; and its contents are some of the most splendifically random images I’ve ever seen in my life. I call this folder “Old Fashioned Graphic Randomness” and boy howdy is it ever. Normally it’s my go-to for when I’m bored and need to giggle my way into some inspiration. For Andrew and his Company, it was exactly the right place to go.

You ever have a conversation with yourself that involves asking if there’s an awesome image of an animal minstrel in this beast, and then post conversation, you find said image? Yeah, me either.

Because it looks like this:


or perhaps you need this gem of an image. For what, I have zero idea.. but I’m pretty sure I need it.


I definitely needed it for THIS:


I know you’re not supposed to be in love with your own work.. but this flyer had me chortling. Witness the magic indeed, bossy flyer.


This is the one they went with. It’s still pretty silly, definitely less aggressive, and while I heard everyone thought “Shouting Man” was hilarious, they totally fell in love with the frog!

I’m just happy I finally had a solid reason to pour through that amazingly random folder of resources, and that I could actually find a use for it.

I also can’t wait to see this flyer around town.

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