February’s love: Client Inspiration No. 1

With Valentine’s swooning behind us, and being more than half way done with the monthly special, I thought it time to share some of the lusciousness that has been the latest set of client inspiration. I’ve got to say, these are some versatile tastes I’ve got going on, but I am super excited about stretching the creative muscle this far. Smiley face INDEED!

I thought I’d share this client’s board I made. She loves bold/clean typography (evident), but has a significant soft side to her that she really wants to show. We started talking about movie titles and how typography can pair beautifully with a really emotive image, and BAM. Branding inspiration=found.

I really can’t wait to explore how this is going to be fleshed out, and I know she’s SUPER excited to see where we go, all that’s really left is starting. Love projects like these!





I’m going to be posting bits of client inspiration across the few days, although anyone who created secret Pinterest boards (an amazing thing that exists now) I really won’t show until things are fairly completed.


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