Client Inspiration No. 2 : The love of geometry is strong in this one.

jne_brandboards_Client No 2

It’s ridiculously clear that this client is drawn to the structural integrity of geometric shapes. His inspiration folder could be summed up in a few words: for the love of shapes!

The typographic examples I pulled are to explore how geometry can be worked into the typography a bit. That ‘Story’ sample fascinates me; I’m still trying to figure out why the different strokes and letter-bits are embossed and/or missing. It’s interesting, but confusing without explanation.

The Cabal example is his, which is such a warm and pleasant thought to me: a client with such interesting tastes! It does remind me of a more angular “Hungry Caterpillar” approach, but I’m pretty sure that has to do with the circle in the triangle thing going on there.

I love the PINO example, It’s a great use of play mixed in with the minimalism. And can we talk about how cute all the different colors and patterns going on there? Ridiculous!

Oh and the Stay Pure sample? Found that while pulling inspiration for this client, and it’s a Ringling Alum! I guess I feel the need to show the extra love. It’s super cool and eye-catching. Wouldn’t expect anything less from a fellow Ringling GIC grad after all.

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