The 40 Day Yoga Challenge and Its Amazing Metaphor for Life


I love yoga. I love the branch of Kundalini yoga so much that I actually look forward to opening my email and reading  the monthly newsletter that my favorite yogi’s have put out. Every month they come out with news ways to expand your practice, and I genuinely get giddy and excited. It works for me, and I love it.

Last month’s newsletter showcased a long list of things you can do to take your practice to a deeper level, and the one I chose was the same yoga program, every day for 40 days. Apparently it works in the psyche’s natural rhythm of 40 days to clear out some bad habits. We all have those, I thought, and started on Feb 8th.

It’s now halfway through March, and I can honestly say I’ve done the same yoga every day. Aside from the definite physical changes, I’ve noticed a handful of unexpected changes in my personality that I really can only attribute to this little challenge I’ve accepted.

If you know me for a prolonged period of time, you already know I am not a patient person. Living in NYC, I would walk out of a restaurant if the line was too long. Here in LA, if the traffic is too bad and I can’t walk to it, I sit it out and wait next time. I’d rather put it off than put myself in a position to be frustrated by LA drivers. Except now,  I don’t really get frustrated by impatience. In fact, I don’t really feel impatient. Two weeks into the challenge, I found myself getting bored by the same exercises, in the same order, every. single. day. Then a lightbulb moment hit. What if this was actually part of the challenge? What if I saw this motivationless hump I’ve hit is a harder challenge than meditating for longer than 6 minutes? Turns out, it was.

Forcing myself to stay present, even within the tediously sameness of that yoga exercises, allows me to accept that where I happen to be–I am– and that is perfectly ok. When the time to switch out of the pose comes, I will switch, and then I will be THERE, and THAT will be okay. So the process continues.

I’ve used this mental exercise to help calm any anxieties I’ve felt for things that “aren’t happening fast enough”. Even though things are bobbing along quite nicely, I still have that urge to create MORE, to build more, at a faster pace than most people would believe humanly possible, and to turn around and make even more after that! I’m the over-achiever’s over-achiever. But this exercise, the focus on maintaining in the present along with the exercise, has provided me the best sense of calm I could ever ask for, and one of the calmest senses of being mindful that I could have ever dreamed for myself.

Try it, I think you’ll like it

One thought on “The 40 Day Yoga Challenge and Its Amazing Metaphor for Life

  1. Good morning!! I have been trying to track down Ana & Ravi’s newsletter where they included a detailed dvd rotation using all their current dvds for a 40 day yoga challenge???? I can’t find it anywhere, I must have accidentally deleted it. Would you happen to be able to forward a copy of their newsletter to me? I have tried their newsletter archive and the last newsletter they uploaded was from september. I would greatly appreciate it if you would be able to forward it to me. Thanks so much!! I have soo many of their dvds I don’t know what to rotate when. 🙂 My email is 🙂

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