A haiku for typography: more silliness to follow.


Last Friday I attended a conference that encompassed a HUGE selection of visual arts. Filmmakers, designers, artists, and even an “Adobe evangelist” (read: a fancified teacher!) got together to speak and enlighten us heathen Los Angeles-folk. And it. was. amazing.

The first speaker, and by far one of the most inspiring, was photographer Mike Muller. His attitude, ambition, and relentlessness to his craft really resonated with me; along with the heavily reiterated idea that if you just go with your gut and do your own thing, you will be just fine.

As Jake and I walked home from the conference, we were talking about the moments that really wow’ed us, we both got back to Mike Muller. Except that my Mike Muller WOW moment was more to do with the typography on his poster, but that’s just me.

When I first saw this poster advertising the Casey Affleck/Joaquin Phoenix absurd-a-hoax called a documentary, I fell HARD for  the ethereal treatment of the type. Don’t even get me started on the fact that it’s a gorgeous italic serif, which should already be a given here, people.

Another given? The only reason I wanted to see the damn movie was because of this gorgeousness.

So while walking hand in hand with my fiancé/project manager, I declared that I loved that poster so much I could write a love letter to it.

How awesome would that actually be? I thought. Pretty awesome, I enabled. And then the giggling happened.

And here we are.

A haiku for the poster for I’m Still Here:

light type fades in and

out of joaquin’s forrest, to

remind us he’s here. 


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