Branding Client Inspiration: Bright, Bold & Modern

I’ve been selfishly hoarding this particular client’s delicious inspiration for a few months now, and I decided it’s simply time to share all of this wonderfulness once and for all!

While it’s fun to explore various looks and styles for a client’s branding, it’s also equally fun to help redefine a client’s taste who is so amazingly consistent. Not everyone knows herself like this particular client, and for someone who’s so in love with variety (why yes, I do mean me!), it’s also fascinating.

Clean lines, bold modern type, and a sassy splash of personality bombards this client’s inspiration.. oh and did I mention pattern?! LOVE how she is attracted to all sorts of pattern: literal linear ones, patterns made out of image, patterns made out of type, just tons of yummy pattern-ness going on all over the place. I have to say it’s been quite an enjoyable ride sifting through her mind-space, and I love the pieces I’ve designed for her. I can’t wait for the rest of this fun brand to be fleshed out so I can see how everything will work together, that’s always one of the best parts.


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