Faith Restored! A few of my favorite things

a personal mantra

What restores your faith when things start (or continue) to go awry?

I don’t necessarily mean religion, or even a BEING, but what restores your ability to navigate the wonky uncomfortableness of life (let alone running your own business)

For me, faith becomes restored mostly through stories and moments where perspective and overall humanness is bigger than the mundane, everyday problems that can inundate your life if you’re not careful.

I thought I’d share with you some of the things I’ve been known to lean on when the going gets thick.

For when I need to remind myself that I am a powerful, positive,  force of nature:


Yes I’ve been working on a post to really showcase my unrelenting love for this person I consider a hero, but for now let’s all just admit that s/he’s one incredible human being and I am so grateful that of all the human beings I share this planet with, I get to share it with Mama Ru.

On twitter, s/he’s incredibly inspirational, on the reality tv show s/he’s visually immaculate and ridiculously witty, I use my RuPaul Pandora station  as my own insta-energy and productivity since I’m allergic to coffee (ridiculous). Never fails to bring a smile to my face and a fierce face to serve.

For when I need reminding that human beings are inherently good:

A. 2001 Space Odyssey. The Blue Danube Sequence.

Maybe this film bores you to tears, but it inspires and moves me to tears every single time I see it. It’s philosophy on film, and while I didn’t see it well until my existence (24 is well into it right?), it’s forever changed it. The way Kubrick visualized technology to mimic human behavior was so innovative and beautiful, it reminds me of one of my favorite Duchamp pieces. And yes, technically the ENTIRE movie could be on this list, but the chunk I always skip to when I REALLY need to let human pettiness go is this scene. Here we are, on this earth, and we can create such amazing beautiful things that surpass our own life and meaning. Watching the space ship and the beautiful planet waltz to the Blue Danube pulls me out of every bad funk, every single time. Deep breaths, humanists. Deeeeeep, forgiving breaths.

B. Posts like this

C. And this.

D. And always remember a dash of perspective is a cure for so many things.


For when things are just too damn serious:

I submit to you, The Mighty Boosh, Tim & Eric’s Awesome Show Great Job, Shin Chan, The Venture Brothers, & Frisky Dingo

I can’t even express to you the love I have for these television shows. I’ve made friends on twitter simply because they quoted Howard Moon, and I’ve made Jake dress up as Wayne Skylar so that I could be Jan.  And Shin Chan? The Stalker Song?! Let’s just say I know it by heart and sing to the dog.

In all of their visual or thematic differences, all of these shows are so outrageously ridiculous that logic simply cannot apply. It’s that level of insta-smile surrealism that makes me stop whatever awesome Denis Leary-esque Jersey-style rant brewing inside my head and burst out laughing (a loud cackle, really), and all is well with my world. Sometimes I just need a good, swift kick through reality, and these shows provide just that.

The Mighty Boosh!

Watching Eels for the first time, I was head over heels in love. Seeing “strange tale of the crack fox”, I was sure I was never watching another tv show for a LONG TIME. And for years it’s what I worked to. I bought the dvds, ripped them, and now have them on my harddrive for all of my delicious working glory. The humor, the fashion, the music, Bob Fossil’s dancing, yes please.

The Hilarious Hitcher Monologue 


Tim & Eric’s Awesome Show Great Job!

.. how do I even begin? For those of you who know and hate it, I say this:

A Guide For Mem-Mems & Pep-Peps

For those of you who have zilcho idea what I am talking about, I’ll say it’s a pretty out there take on postmodern tv. For me, it feels like you’re watching television translated through Tim & Eric’s redonkulous point of view, commercials products, programming and all. Hell they even throw in some hilarious karaoke music videos!

Here’s a great list of clips, but it’s no means all of the greatness that the Awesome Show has within its weird folds.

Personal Note: A majestic mix of Boosh and Tim & Eric songs are what we listened to when Jake and I drove across the country.


Shin Chan is an OLD (1990’s) anime that was– let’s say gifted– with a new storyline, context, dialogue, and characters. A production house in Austin, TX found the japanese anime and redubbed it out of order to their own humor and personality, and it is one of the best things I’ve ever seen. While in college, I remember having Adult Swim indiscriminately playing in the background while I designed. After a few minutes of hearing some of the most MESSED UP dialogue I’d ever heard in my life, I started paying attention. The rest they say, is ass dance history (they say that.)

The Stalker Song! So you too can sing along to nonsensical and inappropriate lyrics!

Here’s the thing though: after watching the ridiculous redub, I can’t help but wonder what they were ACTUALLY trying to communicate with this animation? Incredible.


The Venture Brothers. Oh my GOODNESS, The Venture BROTHERS.

The Venture Brothers has been a beloved show of mine since it premiered in 2003. The whole show is perfection; a wonderfully thoughtful, beautifully crafted, and hilariously witty television series that I almost always have to pause to reflect that it’s animated. Also, now that we’re in heaven– I mean season 5– it’s probably as layered as Mad Men, with way more repartee, and you can walk away with a good mood in your heart (instead of the overwhelming feeling of dread and sadness).


I can’t imagine that it’s all Doc Hammer & Jackson Publick (fabulous) doing all of everything, but they certainly voice most of the characters, created the style/art of the show, and Doc Hammer does the video editing and special effects. On top of everything else I already love about this show, the characters are some of my favorites of all time (this includes LOST and the muppets– a very difficult list to breach), and yet it’s the very definition of incredimazing, people.


Frisky Dingo.

Bup-Bup. Also, Master Cylinder.

Of course extra credit points go to Kundalini Yoga, meditation, dancing, silly jokes, and botanical gardens. A girl’s got to keep it interesting afterall.

What do you turn to when you need to lighten the mood or refresh your state of mind?

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