Sweet Gig! Insta-Calligraphy for Laird+Partners

It’s been a bit since I’ve gotten to work on some calligraphy, and I whole heartedly enjoyed the romp through this fun medium.  This sweet project came to me out of nowhere, through text message, at 9am (dontcha just love those?)

Laird + Partners in NYC, via my friend Liz, is working on a fashion designer’s branding and they needed to solidly nail the logo before moving forward. Already trying their hand with scripts, serifs and a mixture of the two, they brought me in seeing if I could deliver a handful of styles in a few hours.

Yeah, I can definitely do that.

I wanted to make sure I had enough time to properly create some distinction + variation within the different sets, and lucky for me, I had until 2pm the next day.

I thought I’d send over where we got to before their client call. While these are works-in-progress, they’re definitely sassy enough for me to show you.

I definitely think set 3 is my favorite, which ones do you like the best?








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