Branding the brander: transition inspiration!

It’s true, the look and function of  jne/jenny has served me for some time, but right now it makes the absolute most sense to transition towards more of a collective/agency as opposed to a single entity.

It’s one of those decisions that comes after waffling for months (and in this specific case: years), but I’m completely sold.

The idea has had time to germinate, ruminate, and all other manners of -ate’s that ideas seem to mull through, and Jake and I have begun the wonderfully expansive process of inspiration hunting, idea gathering, and concept building.

I thought I’d share some of the process I’ve gathered so far, especially for any clients (current or future!) that are thinking “Gosh, my tastes are all OVER THE PLACE! How could anyone ever brand me?!”

Well, Melissa (your name is Melissa now, fyi), if I’m the type of person that can be obsessed with drag queens, Kubrick, anagrams/puzzles in general, makeup, hair, clothing design, perfume making, design/general creative pursuits, and then even still, am considering bringing in ANOTHER person with his OWN set of quirks and weirdness, and even STILL leaving the door open to even more weirdos to join in on this totally awesome weirdness fest, and can conceive of a brand– visuals and all–then all is wholly possible in branding land. Nay, not just possible– but even realistic and reasonable. It’s all in HOW you do it.

AH, you see, Melissa, therein lies the rub.

I know all of these elements (and so many more I haven’t even considered yet…) will definitely have a role in the new brand, it’s all a matter of where it goes, what its purpose is– and whatever the ‘its’ we happen to be talking about.

It’s a magnificent challenge, and I love carving it out  for other clients so much that I know doing it for me and Jake’s business will be as close to a dream come true as something like this can BE for your own business.

Which for me, the chances are actually pretty high. Branding my own design business with my wonderful fiancé is totally a dream come true, you guys.

So here it is, the inspiration for the transition to dreamstate: awesometown.

Or whatever we’re going to end up calling it.

Probably purée fantastico, which already kinda translates to “dreamstate: awesometown”.


In here I’ve got the visual look, the tone of the copy (hello! irreverence of “ALL WOMEN ARE SLUTS” for an all women panel?!?!?  SO MUCH YES.)

The aesthetic of it all– which is actually (surprisingly) really modern for how fluffy/grungey/girly/gender-neutral/rugged/watercolory/collagey I can make things for other people. When I go to pull inspo, for myself though, the editorial/clean look is what I am drawn to through and through. I’m sure the Swiss Modernist that runs the GIC dept. at Ringling would be both shocked and pleased to see that little tidbit.

How sexy is that 55MAX  logo? Just delectable.

The sweet, clean understated Olenka brand? Darling, but sassy in a way.

And I can’t even tell you how excited I am to work out how to use the entire color spectrum in a non-cheese way. Been in love with that idea ever since the inception of ‘purée fantastico’. The whole concept of it  (and well yeah, me) just screams juicylicious color.

Oh and of course Biggie Smalls*. Of COURSE.

*not shown in actual inspiration, but trust that it’s a deep wellspring of inspiration for much that I do.

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