Courage: A Must.


The other day I came across this article claiming “All Great Entrepreneurs have THIS in common”.

I’ll admit I am a terrible sucker for these articles.

Whenever I read them, I sense a loud rallying cry getting me super energized first thing in the 6am’s, and this one was really no exception.

I love that it takes courage to be a great entrepreneur, and as I think back to how I began to run a business in the first place it feels more  happenstance than Theodore Roosevelt, but I guess I’m ready to course- correct that now.

It was VERY Theodore Roosevelt to leave a six-figure job in an agency where the people were nice, but not necessarily passionate (or excited) for the work that they were doing– in the onset of a recession.

It’s ridiculously Theodore Roosevelt to agree to a Design Director job offer, herding a bunch of photoshop-laden cats into a successful creative agency.

It’s definitely Theodore Roosevelt to use words like “noodle” “wonktify” and “hub-bubbery” because after all, he used words like “bully” as a positive adjective, and not a label to be used in shame.

And it’s extremely Theodore Roosevelt to pack a U-Haul up with your 2 cats, your boyfriend, and all of your stuff to schlep it across the country to a place you’d never been before, singing Tim and Eric and The Mighty Boosh songs the whole way. Practically written by Theodore Roosevelt, people, read your history books.


I really wanted to end this post after that paragraph. It’s funny, I thought, but after writing, noodling, rewriting, and renoodling this post all about how Teddy Roosevelt I am,  I came across this post from another entrepreneur, going through her own set of concerns and worries.

Reading how we as passionate business owners all go through the same up-down-topsyturvy journey instantly grounded me.  It’s a separate, but equally supportive rallying cry for the courageous few who set out to do something with deep, gooey, passion, and I celebrate her courage, her vulnerability, and her dang courage with being so vulnerable!

It’s a strange, but interesting journey when you decide the EASIEST way to make a living would be to start your own business. I’m so very happy spotting other people along this fantastically wonky road.

*Note: the use of Theodore Roosevelt has been used metaphorically to speak for acting courageously. Obviously we can all see why that would happen.

One thought on “Courage: A Must.

  1. It is such an amazing thing to realize we are in fact NOT alone… isn’t it? So happy there are other wonderful people out there following their equally crazy dreams & making it happen! It keeps me inspired and helps me remember to keep my head up! 🙂 xoxox!

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